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9. Don't say something stupid!

John 1:38 What seek ye?

Have you ever seen a famous person, someone you admire, in a crowd, at an airport, or someplace you never would expect to see them? You start toward them just to get a closer look to make sure its them. The next thing you know, you are face to face with them, and you don’t know what to say! Panic strikes! And you freeze and say something stupid! Has this ever happened to you?

Well that’s what happened to two disciples of John the Baptist. John told his disciples that this man is The One That Taketh Away The Sin Of The World. His disciples heard many things about this Jesus. They were curious. They did not want to waste their time following John if this guy was greater than John.

They followed to where John pointed and listened to “The One”. They had never heard anyone speak like Him before, or they never would have proceeded to the next step: following him. It was automatic for them. They were not thinking of what would happen next, like, “What do we say if He asks us, ‘Why are you following me?’”

So when Jesus turned and saw them following Him, He asked, “What seek ye?”

When He asked this, did Jesus know already what was in their hearts? Yes! He wanted them to speak it out loud to Him. He wanted them to figure out why they were following him and how far were they willing to go with Him. He wanted them to search their hearts to know what they were seeking.

They fumbled with words. His gaze was disarming.

They said to Him, “Rabbi” (or Master, inferring respect)...then they got stuck. It wouldn’t sound proper if they said: “We heard you were the Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sin Of The World.” Or said, “Hey we heard from John that the Spirit descended on you and abode on You.” Or “Oh, we heard You will baptize with us with the Holy Ghost!” Or “John said that you are “The Lamb of God!”

They came up with this: “Where are you staying?” (Brilliant!) (It actually was a good question, because it led to an unexpected invitation.)

“Come and see,” Jesus invited the men to spend more time with Him. He invited them in, to abide for a time. The men came in and saw where He was staying. We are not told anything about the domicile, but we do know they spent a good part of the day, maybe night with Him. From there we are not told much of what they learned that day. But it was enough for one of them, Andrew, to go and find his brother, Simon, and bring him to Jesus!

Andrew was influenced enough by his time with Jesus that he wanted to tell others about it. He was excited. He was spreading the joy he had in spending his time with The Master. He had learned enough to decide to follow this man.

“What seek ye?

What are you seeking? Are you brave enough to go up to a man that you heard about from a trusted friend, and follow him, until He notices you and asks, “What seek ye?” What is your response?

Do you call Him Master? Will you come humbly and stay at His feet while He talks with you? Do you expect some answers, or are you willing to just listen to Him for He is The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sin Of The World? Will you do this and then go out and spend your time telling others, and inviting them to meet your Master?

Are you seeking Him? Please leave a comment and share with your friends who might be seeking.

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