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Monica DuBois is the director of operations at the DuBois household. She has been married to the Legendary Zack DuBois for 25 years. They have four children, Valorie, Rebekkah, Judy and J.P. One recently married, and three hanging out with their cool parents at home and in a family business.  

She has been on a spiritual journey for the last 26 years with Jesus.


Monica has an insight and sense of humor that she uses to convey truth, without being too blunt. She appreciates honesty in relationships and does not mind being vulnerable if it helps others. She loves being with her family. Friends make her smile. She approaches life with a creative, intuitive perceptiveness that blesses those who seek her out.

She embraces all that life brings to her and works to overcome her fears, failures and vulnerabilities. She encourages others to do the same by using questions and the Bible.

Her favorite things to do are spending quality time with people and/or serving them. She also loves a fun creative project that involves working with others.


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