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36. The Revelation of Psalm 139

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Revelation On Psalm 139

I have been asking God questions lately. He has been faithful and merciful with me. My quest is to find the source of my beliefs that led my body to cancer. I have been asking hard things like what I experienced that led me to believe I had no value (Devaluation had come up several times with this disease). God helped me remember that my mom told me about an incident that happened between us. And that opened up a whole place that God has been ministering to me. He had me write things from different perspectives to gain greater understanding of the situation. Since it happened before I had memories of it, I was about one to two years old, I had to rely on what I knew of my mom, what I know about me, and God, to fill in the blanks. Was this helpful? Immensely! Even my husband says he sees a difference in me. He encourages me to continue in this work.

After this challenging work, I asked God where to next? He pointed out that Psalm 139 was how He has always felt about me. This just flowed from the scriptures onto my page. Psalm 139 inspired this writing.

He had created my mind.

He protected me in my mother’s womb (this literally means joined together).

He fashioned me with a reverence for me; He thought deeply about what He was doing as He made me.

He successfully, authoritatively, and commanded-ly formed me with such profound respect and love.

As He worked on me, and He gave me dignity. (Value!)

He distinguishes His works by wonderous accomplishments. He makes sure I know this-- very well.

He watched as my body was formed in the secret place. He saw the sperm enter the egg that became me!

He observed the process of development that He designed from the beginning. The intricacies of a human baby being coming to life, growing; He observed it.

He watched it all. He saw what my mommy was eating, drinking, and even smoking. He saw how my daddy reacted to each stage of development. He listened to mom and dad talk about me, prepare for me, or not, caress and touch the mom’s belly, or not.

He measured my growth in length, weight, and formation of parts. He counted the hairs of my head. He was involved with the entire process.

God was devoted to making me. He was alert and engrossed with me. He thought about me as I developed.

In fact, He had so many thoughts about me, that it is hard to imagine it all. (Think about just the physical aspects of this. The body’s systems: endocrine, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, skeletal, muscular, digestive, excretory, reproductive, integumentary, lymphatic, immune, and renal systems. And so much more.)

He did not miss a thing. He was elated with the way these systems came together and expanded as I grew.

He was bursting with pride. He was exacting in the details. This was His creative masterpiece.

Millions become billions, and eventually trillions of cells, so many distinct types of cells, all in the right places. Each cell answers His call to life, growth, and maturity.

He gave His life-giving breath to me, as He has done for all human creation. This breath through the mother is the beginning of life; the oxygen flows through her to the baby and the life flows with it.

When I came out into the world, He was there to see me. He smiled.

All of this has happened. And the wicked knew it not what He has done for me.

Surely, He will slay the bloody men who speak against Him! They live and act like He had no part in my life. They live and act like He had no part in their lives either.

Don’t they realize that He was so involved in their formation in their mother’s womb?

He did so much for each of them and me; I cannot understand their thinking!

I hate them for excluding Him from their own existence. I hate them for denying He had everything to do with them being here!

He looks at me. He sees my heart. I remember His thoughts toward me, the ones I cannot number.

He smiles. He helps me to remember He has thoughts, countless thoughts, like this, for them too.

He loves me.

His eyes shine and He leads me with His look.

He loves me.

I will learn to love as He does. He shows me the life of His Son, by this He gives me understanding.

Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the Holy is understanding.

This marvelous work of His is Holy.

by Monica DuBois copyright (c)

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